Mempool is ~2 weeks behind

My bitcoin node is currently 100% synched showing block 792,429; however, my mempool is only showing block 790,299 as the last mined block. Do I have to wait for a very long time for it to ‘catch up’ or is there something that I can do it get it back on track?


This is another post where this is being discussed:

I’m having the same issue. A restart will catch it up and run for a few hours before it stops updating.

Oddly, if you type a more recent block in the search bar, it will provide the information for that block. So the data is there…

Some of the discussion in that topic was around memory usage issues. I chose an app I am not currently using (BTC PayServer) and deleted it and restarted to regain some memory. We’ll see if that does anything.


Thanks! I also uninstalled Mempool and reinstalled it. Waiting to see if it falls behind again.

Now it’s behind again by over 210 blocks :frowning:

I had the same issue and it turned out I just had too many apps running. I cleaned up some unused apps or apps not working properly on Umbrel like Invidious, Nitter, portfolio tracking app, Sphinx,… and now it’s working fine again.

I think Umbrel give the false idea that you can run everything in the app store but it’s far from the truth, espacially on RasPi.
You can run anything but not everything. Pick up carefully and try to limit what is directly related to your node only.

I’m now planning another machine to run other non-Bitcoin apps like Nextcloud, Radarr/Sonarr, Jellyfin, Whoogle, Matrix server…