Mempool backend keeps synchronizing

I am using the new Umbrel Home and I installed Mempool a few days ago. Since then the mempool backend keeps synchronizing. Sometimes it has finished but shortly after it says again synchronizing backend. It also shows only unconfirmed 152.698 TX while shows 241.865 TX.
Bitcoin Node > Advanced Settings > Maxmempool is set to 1500 MB
Is this not enough?
What can I do to get mempool running as expected?

you may have some corrupt data.
Also not all mempools have all the TX at the same time. They need to propagate.
Your mempool has not gotten notification of all the pending TX’s

If your mempool does not catch up. you can try to delete your mempool.dat file in the bitcoin directory.
Worst case you may have to redo electrs and reinstall the mempool. that takes about 24 hours.

Best to leave it alone until everything is finished syncing.
No going crazy in the appstore etc.