Manual Upgrade: LND 0.15.2-beta not showing up as 'Update' in AppStore

Hi yalls,

I am trying to update my Umbrel v0.5.1 to the latest hotfix lnd verison v0.15.2-beta but the ‘Update’ button in my AppStore is not showing up. Could anybody tell me how I can upgrade lnd manually?

Thanks for your help!!

This issue has been resolved and was caused by a local network setting… the DNS server on the Umbrel was wrong.

I have the exact same issue. How was this resolved? How was the DNS server changed.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

sure so basically I followed the instructions here: How to set a static IP for your Umbrel machine.
Especially in this section
Option B - setup a fix IP in your RPi settings

Add the following to the /etc/dhcpcd.conf file:

#Configuration static IP address (CHANGE THE VALUES TO FIT FOR YOUR NETWORK)
interface eth0
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

After the changes I had to restart umbrel for it to take effect.

Also as alternative to bypass DNS issues you can use the repo update script