Losing 10 sats per day from node on my invoices

It’s such a small amount but it was happening almost every day for a while. I found it on my app RTL under invoice history. It’s 10 sats every day. I have no idea why I am being charged. I wasn’t sending sats or setting up channels.

And RTL provides no detail as to who got the sats or why.

Anyone have an idea?

@BeastNode considering my short experience with nodes the only two things (also unsure are actually possible) that comes to my mind are:

  1. look’s like there’s an invoice generated that you are “voluntarily” (I mean at some stage you should have confirmed the first transaction) paying for. Maybe you connected a wallet to the node that has been used in the past to pay for some kind of subscription?

  2. or alternatively, did you open a channel and maybe setup something in a way that is charging you instead paying for each transaction passing through?

If is an invoice paid, could be from Sphinx podcasting app or Lightning Terminal Loop.
Or are you sure is not an invoice received? That could be a keysend message, look into your transactions in Thunderhub, open the details of the tx and you will see the message.

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Why would it be Sphinx or LTL? I don’t use either.
I read the detail of the txn in TH and it says “In Through” and then gives the name of a peer I am connected to so I guess I got 10 sats inbound, not sent them outbound?

There was a bug correction to numbers rounding in last version of LND (see v 0.14.2 release notes) perhaps it has something with that, fixing some old balances.
Maybe, it’s just a guess.