Logged into Umbrel via SSH but can't debug


Everything on my node went smooth for 5 days until it stopped working and couldn’t access the site or SSH. I turned off my node then logged in with no problem.

After that, there was no syncing going on so I went to settings and clicked on restart to reboot the node, but was it was not able to.

Turned off the node and turned back on. I can login via SSH no problem, but can’t debug even with the script from the docs.

I’m excited about running the node, but definitely need some help to get myself off the ground. Any help is appreciated!

Here’s the result of what I typed to debug the device.

I also checked my hard drive - it still shows the the blockchain download - it was at 69% complete before it stopped syncing.

DONE! Now I see that my host key is changed in this process.