LND Rest API (address/port)


I am trying to create my own lightning address with my own domain name and I am using http://bridgeaddr.fiatjaf.com/ to achieve this. One of the parts it needs is the host and port for the LND rest api. I was assuming this would be https://toraddress.onion:8080 but that hasn’t worked.

Is there a separate address / other specified port for this. If so, how do I find it?

Edit: I found the host name here: ~/umbrel/tor/data/lnd-rest/hostname.

but I get this message:

The certificate is only valid for the following names: localhost, umbrel.local, unix, unixpacket, bufconn,, ::1,


Is it unsafe to share/expose this address? No-one can do anything without a macaroon, right? So if I bake a macaroon with only permissions to create invoices, the worst thing someone can do is to create an invoice that pays me?



the certificate does not include your onion address. I’d try to expose it by adding to lnd.conf:
and restart LND service/container. For safety reasons I wouldn’t share any address that is not necessarily needed to be known publicly.

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Thanks for your insight. I’ll add the extra domain.

Regarding safety reasons, I understand your point and that was my worry too. Currently to me it seems like nothing can be done without a correct macaroon so as long as I keep my other macaroons safe, it should be okay. With this address, it’s currently in my DNS records (and I know the internet never forgets) but I’ll look into other methods to see if I can do it without exposing the address

I used the same for my own domain. Works perfect.
But, instead of creating CNAME use A records pointing to his IP server.
You create a new macaroon using Thunderhub, dedicated to this LN address
Here more detail

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How do you create an invoice macaroon without Thunderhub?
There is no option for Thunderhub app in my Umbrel node, so what is an alternative way to create the macaroon?