Expose lnd socket from local Umbrel or connect over tor

Hello Umbrel community,

i’m a web dev and i’m trying to play around with the lightning network and maybe implement a pay wall, with my own personal node, as a proof of concept for myself.
i’ve found this npm library which seems to be doing exactly what i need:

https://github.com/alexbosworth/ln-service (JS)
https://github.com/alexbosworth/lightning (TS)

…it’s basically a nodejs client that can connect to an lnd instance.

You are supposed to retrieve an lnd object by employing the “authenticatedLndGrpc” method…

      cert: 'base64 encoded tls.cert file',
      macaroon: 'base64 encoded admin.macaroon file',
      socket: '',

…and then you can subscibe to incoming transactions, generate invoices and manage your lnd in general.

I’ve managed to extract my cert and macaroon and to connect to my local umbrel instance by putting umbrel.local:10009 into the socket value and i’m able to access my node as expected.

My questions:

Does anyone have any experience in using this library?
Is there any possibility to access lnd through tor or at least proxying it to a normal ip (and how to do this)?
Or do i actually have to expose my lnd through my router so that i have an actual public ip (this would be bad from a privacy perspective, right)?

thank you in advance!