LND doesn't work

Hi I’ve been using Umbrel since January. Bitcoin core is running without problems, but for 14 days now my LND is not working. my peer count is 0, all my channels are offline and I can’t open RTL or Thunderhub.
I use:
Raspberry Pi 4GB, 1TB SSD, ethernet connection.

Thx guys for help

First thing to check: did you lately changed something in lnd.conf file?
If yes, then change it back as it was.
If not, then check on the Troubleshooting manual some hints.

I didn’t change anything. Unfortunately none of the tips helped. It’s still not working. What should i try next?
Thank you so much

I can’t tell you what to do based only on that image.
If you do not report exactly what you did, what version you run etc, NOBODY can help you here, just looking to that image.
In the troubleshoot manual there are tons of situations explained there. I doubt that you read them all and at least tried one.
At least post here the debug logs to see what is happening.

I tried to fix it before I posted here. I really went through everything from the troubleshoot manual, but nothing helped. It doesn’t make sense to me to ask for help and not try advice on how to fix it.
When I start Umbrel (Version 0.4.2), the bitcoin core runs fine the blockchain is 100% synced, but only LND doesn’t work. I can’t create an invoice or accept a payment. I am sending the log as an attachment. I wanted to reset the user data as it says in the troubleshoot manual, but I have sats in channels, which I don’t want to lose.
When I try to close the channel, either via umbrel.local or SSH, it throws me an error that the server is still in the process of starting up.

umbrel-1632661676753-debug.log (42.9 KB)

Are you sure you didn’t changed anything in lnd.conf file?
If something is wrong edited / added in that file, the whole LN node is stalled.

Yes, I’m sure.The word SSH was a foreign word to me 2 days ago, but LN hasn’t worked for over 14 days.
I apparently made some changes, but it wasn’t until today when I dug into your Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide in an attempt to fix it and not in a lnd.conf file. This log is from 22.9. way before any SSH actions
umbrel-1632337793826-debug.log (44.9 KB)

Seems that you have some low memory failures there.
Try removing some apps or increase the RAM memory. 4GB RAM is few for a node with so many apps

I tried that a few days ago. I uninstalled all the apps, but unfortunately that didn’t help either