LND 0.16.2 high cpu and regular restarts

Since upgrading to 0.16.2 my lnd is just not healthy. It runs OK for a bit, then I get a lot of these:

[INF] HLCK: Health check: chain backend, call: 1 failed with: health check: chain backend timed out after: 30s, backing off for: 2m0s

and occasionally (every hour or two) it’s unlucky and reaches three failed attempts and restarts lnd:

[CRT] SRVR: Health check: chain backend failed after 3 calls
[INF] SRVR: Sending request for shutdown

CPU usage on lnd becomes really high, bitcoind seems fine.

I’m wondering if it is related to… https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/issues/7675

Anyone else experiencing similar issues with 0.16.2?

Checking out issue,

In the meantime in your Lightning Node advanced settings you can turn on this setting if not on already to see if that helps with load times:

Thanks. I’ve set that, which reduced DBs by around 2x. Sadly same issue occurred after an hour uptime :frowning:

Can you share a debug log file?

See Generating Troubleshooting Logs here

Then you can attach it here clicking this button image in the reply

It doesn’t allow me to share the log (‘Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.’), but I’ve since realised i’m on too low a spec Pi4 (2gb); recommended these days is 4gb. Upgrade arrives tomorrow which will should improve matters.

Today is a good day; 7 hours since last LND restart. 0.16.2 definitely hit performance, but 0.16.3 with its wallet upgrade + higher mem will hopefully sort me out.

Yeah so the upgrade in RAM has resolved the issue for me. I haven’t even had any health-check failures for 5 days straight.

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Ah great thanks for keeping us updated!!!
Good to know and feel free then to hop in our Telegram anytime and I suppose I should of recommended pastebin.com then for future logs, thank you!