Bitcoin Wallet and Lighting Wallet stuck at synchronizing

I cannot attach the log, but you can find it here:

I reset my user info a few times now and it works for a few hours each time after the reset and then it fails.

I see “lnd” container is stopped.
Looking at the logs for the container I see:
2021-12-09 00:36:21.695 [INF] HLCK: Health check: chain backend, call: 1 failed with: health check: chain backend timed out after: 30s, backing off for: 2m0s
2021-12-09 00:37:30.462 [INF] CRTR: Processed channels=0 updates=0 nodes=2 in last 1m59.464571586s
2021-12-09 00:38:51.697 [INF] HLCK: Health check: chain backend, call: 2 failed with: health check: chain backend timed out after: 30s, backing off for: 2m0s
2021-12-09 00:40:20.143 [INF] CRTR: Processed channels=3 updates=0 nodes=0 in last 2m49.680683245s
2021-12-09 00:41:21.699 [CRT] SRVR: Health check: chain backend failed after 3 calls
2021-12-09 00:41:48.238 [INF] SRVR: Sending request for shutdown
2021-12-09 00:42:11.833 [INF] LTND: Received shutdown request.
2021-12-09 00:42:11.833 [INF] LTND: Shutting down…

Any ideas why?

Is right there: data corruption

What data? can I delete it?
This is after recovering Umbrel with seed

Hey yaniv, wanted to check in on this. If you’re able to SSH in, can you recover the lnd logs and paste them into pastebin?

cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose logs --tail=300 lnd


Thanks for that, pinging @louneskmt for some additional insight

Do you use the recommended (official) power supply?

But I typed: vcgencmd get_throttled and got throttled=0x0 result so I assumed its ok.

I ordered the official power supply just in case, but it will only get here by the end of the month :frowning:

Hi Jon, hope you’re well. I have the same issue as above. I have reflashed my SD card to 0.4.09 and reformatted my SSD. I then used the channels backup and seed words to restore my node. It is synching the blockchain and has about 60% left to go. The lightning and bitcoin wallets are still stuck in sync ( this was the original issue).

I have recovered the lnd log

Any advice would be appreciated.


Just wanted to update, I got the official power supply a couple of weeks ago and everything works fine since then.