LN Peers help 💪

Hi! Why when I add a peer to LN and restart the node I loose that connection? Is it possible make them persistent? If yes would that be bad for my node? I did found a scrip to autoconnect to all top l1m peers. Would it be a bad idea or a good idea? I would like to increase my node forwardings

Open a channel with that peer. Done.
Adding peers is not helping your LN node in any way. Adding peers is when you had a channel offline and you want to test if is back or just add a peer and then open a channel with. That’s all, is not any contest “who have more peers”.

LOL NO! Don’t do that!.
You are confusing information here. LN peers are NOT bitcoin peers! Are two different aspects!

Read this guide

Thanks for the info @DarthCoin!

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