Peers, with no channel

I have two peers, with no channel, listed on my node. With no channels connecting there is still currency flowing through them. How can this be and where or how do I fix/resolve this issue? I do receive fees for the transactions however I don’t see a place to change them. Also, I’ve considered closing the peer aspect.

The answer is simple: NO.
Please start by reading the Guides section of this forum - you need more to learn about how LN works.
Here you have a dedicated post in Guides section with many resources to read/watch/learn


I have seen you in the forums and you are rude. Do you think I would post such things if I could find the answer! I will look through this documentation again and see what there might have been. Your answer is lacking substance and insight.

After checking your many resources page, it is still lacking insight. Would someone be kind enough to explain in english what a good or reasonable answer would be for my question?

Thanks in advance,

No. You are just lazy to read those resources. If you will stop wining and then start reading and learning, you will see all the answers for your questions.
Asking here these kind of questions without any solid base of knowledge about how LN works, show that you are lazy.
There are tons of documentations out there, I worked hard to put that list together, selecting those sources that really matter, for YOU, so you don’t have to search for them.
You just need to dedicate 1h/day reading those.


Fair enough. At first, what you wrote angered me. Then I thought, I will learn to fish but it’s a vast ocean. Could you point me in the right direction for this one thing? Also, I have started to read the library you have compiled.

Thanks in advance,
Mr. Novice

image - click on the first chapter about lightning basics and will explain you very simple how is it with peers