Lightning rebalance challenge

I hope you can help me with the following:

I have a 5mln sat (everything local) channel with ACINQ and a 16mln sat (everything remote) channel with LNBIG.

When I try to rebalance 2mln from ACINQ to LNBIG with max fee 200sat and max fee rate 400PPM an error occurs: RebalanceTotalFeeTooHigh.

Does this mean the 200sat max fee should be set higher?

If you are getting max fee is too high then you need to turn it up some or lower the balance amount. Typically in Thunderhub setting 1000sats max fee seems to work for up to 350,000sats rebalance. Max fee rate is the max that a channel can have set.
Ex. If ACINQ has a fee to you set at 800sats than you need to set your Max fee rate north of 800sats.