Lightning payment terminal at retail locations

First, Thanks to Umbrel and the community to get my node up and running and quickly learn everything with lightning. While I got really excited to start using lightning wallets and payments there isn’t may places where it is accepted other than few online sites. So I turned my pain into opportunity by creating payment terminal hardware device that can be plugged into retail outlets to start accepting payments. With my technical knowledge in hardware and with some hacks I created a demo connecting a point of sale software to the payment terminal. Checkout this demo video: and the website

The next step is to find 1 or 2 retail outlet to test this live and see how it works. Will be good to get feedback and any pointers to retail outlets looking to test out accepting lightning payments.

While BTCPay server exists for the brave who wants to run lightning node I feel that most of them will not have any technical knowledge to do that. Hence I am planning to hide all complexities behind the screens and keep it the same as how they accept payments via Visa or Mastercard today.

Any pointers or feedback is much appreciated.