Best Method to setup an "If/then" vending machine using Bitcoin, Lightning, and/or Umbrel, etc

Finally getting a grasp on the Full Node world and I am ready to make a move at what I would really like to do - a pay-to-play arcade machine using Bitcoin and Lightning.

Imagine there is a physical arcade machine and beside it a QR code. You send the correct amount of sats to it and the game now plays.

As a proof of concept I am aiming to make it as simple as possible. Remove the game, lets just get an Arduino to turn on an LED for 60 seconds. For, in my experience, if you can get an Arduino to turn on an LED for 60 seconds in response to what-have-you one can basically do anything “if/then” style.

Okay, with that said I would like to query the community on what are the best tools to achieve this with?

I see a great post by Ricardo Reis on the subject but it is from 2017 and the methods look slightly outdated and I’m curious if there is a more straightforward way to do this?

Ideally I would like to use the Umbrel Full Node platform to do this and then post the code/instructions so that others can do fun things with this idea!

Where to start?

Is BTCPayServer a HARD requisite?

Instead of an Arduino would a Raspberry Pi (Separate from the Full Node) be a more apt tool? Still just need to turn on an LED for 60 seconds.

What are your thoughts on how this might be best achieved?

Thank you for any ideas, tips, thoughts, resources, and the like!