Lightning channel showed twice in channel list

I recently opened a 500k lightning channel to another node. This node opened a similar channel to me and now I see 2 channels in my channel list. One with a remote balance and one with a local balance.

I have the same situation with another node where this is shown as a single channel.

Does anybody know why this differs?

When you opened one, and they opened one, the result is that you have two channels, with the liquidity on the side of the opener.
LN will see and handle them as one channel, so when traffic comes inbound, it’ll take from their channel. When traffic goes outbound, it takes it from yours. So overtime those two bars will change as liquidity flows.
No action really on your side. The only down-side effect is, that you had onchain costs for opening channels, twice.

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Exactly. These “friendly” dual channels are a waste.
Users should close them and open a bigger one, with both available funds. Will be much useful that way.
If the users can trust each others, can also use the “ghetto swap” method, as I describe it here.

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