Inbound / outbound channel

I have a channel opened to me from a pretty well connected node. I also have opened a channel of equal size or so to that same node, but they are not evenly balanced . Was I supposed to open a second Chanel to that node or just add liquidity outbound? I feel like I did it wrong - if it is wrong is there a way to make it better

I think you’re supposed to “Loop In” funds to the existing channel, but not totally sure at the moment.

With two channels opened to the same node (one having inbound and the other having outbound liquidity) there is no need to balance. The peer will route using the channel that has the proper liquidity. Eventually they will both balance out. No need to do anything at the moment. If for some reason they both have liquidity on the same side then you’d look to rebalance.

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how to check how many inbound connections my umbrel node has?

In Umbrel dashboard - Bitcoin, or open BTC RPC Explorer app (if you install it from Umbrel App Store)