Just made a tool to recover on-chain hsm_secret funds

Hi community, two months ago i had an issue with core-lightning which for some reason after the first run it never worked again (maybe it had to do with it being on a raspberry), and at the time I sent on-chain funds to it, luckily I didn’t open any channels.

After the failure reported before in this forum and researched extensively for about two weeks i gave up and didn’t get to a solution.

But I stumbled to a core-lightning forum that for some reason doesn’t seem to be indexed on DDG, that gave me the partial solution and I just had to put the pieces together, so to my surprise the solution worked on my first attempt with a couple of tweaks, so I decided to make it a simple tool and upload it to github.

You can find the repo here

Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions in order to add to this tool.

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this is great! thanks for sharing

ill share this with the core team.


Thank you so much for putting this together. I am a noob with the exact same problem you described. I sent on chain funds to a brand new CLN on an umbrella home. And now the app is just stuck permanently on “starting”. Have tried restarting several times, all other apps work fine.
I am too much of a noob to follow your instructions. I think there are a lot of sub steps a more savvy person would know. Are you able to provide more detailed steps a noob could follow? Such as now enter this terminal command, then this command, etc.
If you turn on GitHub sponsorships or shoot me an invoice, I would be happy to throw sats your way to help with this recovery. The extent of my ability is to SSH into my umbrel and use CD and LS.
Thanks so much

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lol right after I posted this after not working for over 24 hours my CLN app just started magically working.
I do think this is important though and definitely will still honor my offer to sponsor this. Recovery should be easier but otherwise really like CLN.


Hi there, I am glad your app worked in the end.

I don’t know what is causing these issues but I know this tool has already helped at least a couple of people besides me who had their funds locked, unfortunately their c-lightning was either intermittent or it never worked again, so being able to have access to their funds again is a life saver.

And you are not that far from understanding the execution, you just have to wrap your head around the concepts and the order. Just knowing how to use SSH, and moving through Linux directories puts you above 90% of the population on technical skills.

However, I appreciate your feedback and will create a step by step guide as a side document to the README file already on the repo.

Appreciate your willing to donate or sponsor this project, if you want, feel free to send me something via lightning at diego@lnaddress.me (still will add a QR on the readme to make donations easier when I publish the step-by-step guide to it)

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sent, thanks again. think this is very helpful

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Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Quick question, did the LN Address give you any issues?

Somewhat troublesome yes. Had to try a few different options and amounts to get it to go through.

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Thanks! Appreciate your support…