Updating installed apps FROZEN

My umbrel has been stuck at this spot for over a few hours. I ssh into and nothing is happening.

Any ideas how I can fix this?


Did you read the section of Guides this forum? You have a troubleshooting manual there with all instructions you can do.
Also without sharing the debug logs, NOBODY can help you.
Run the debug logs, read them and maybe you will find yourself the issue.
We are blind, just looking to this screenshot, means nothing.

Sorry about that. Here is the debug report. I’m happy to send sats once I get this figured out as my appreciation for you help.


No need to send any sats man.

But try to read and understand for yourself these logs. Are not so complicated, just read patiently and you will see for yourself where is the error.
Yes, sometimes could be very complicated stuff, but most of the times are simple errors.

Here is your error

lnd | 2022-03-16 15:24:45.891 [ERR] LTND: Shutting down because error in main method: error creating wallet config: unable to create partial chain control: status code: 401, response: ""
lnd | 2022-03-16 15:24:45.948 [INF] LTND: Shutdown complete

Is possible you have a wrong configuration in your lnd.conf or something went sideways with your data.
Here is somebody else with the same issue

So it could be some data corruption. Just shut down normally and start it again. Check the connections with the drive also.
Wait patiently and then run again the logs.
You could also SSH and then look into logs of each main modules:
cd umbrel
See if bitcoin is 100% synced
docker-compose logs bitcoin
See if lnd it started
docker-compose logs lnd
See if electrum finished the index
docker-compose logs electrs

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Main problem is bitcoind RPC not working, by “wrong password”.
Did a restart not fix it?
If not, maybe need delete all auth files, to recover passwords from seed words. Instructions somewhere in Dartcoin guides.

Please don´t open new topics just to do questions same issue.

Thanks yall. I’ll try to get this figured out. Appreciate the responces.

Hey guys,
I’m sorry to buy yall and I promise I’ve looked through the guides and used the search function…but I cannot find a guide how to delete the auth files to recover passwords from the seed.

Is this just the same thing as wallet recovery or will my open channels stay open?

Again, I apologize for my lack of understanding. I’m new and just trying to figure it all out.

The recovery node is the LAST THING you should want to do… is only when you do not have another way.

Try fist to rescan your blocks. In the troubleshooting manual there is a special section with instructions for that. Maybe is just a glitch/corrupted data in your blocks.

Ba patient, it will take time, but at least you could see from logs if that is the cause.
Also try that after the node is started and sync begins (run the docker-compose logs bitcoin), then login to your Umbrel dashboard. The login also is unlocking the wallet.

Thank you. Will do this evening.

Will update.

If still don’t work, try to reset your lnd.conf