Issue with Spectrum routers and Raspberry Pi

In case anyone is experiencing issues with connecting to their Raspberry Pi and their Internet Service Provider is Spectrum I wanted to make a helpful post:

Spectrum has stated they no longer support Linux OS as shown here:

Their list of provided devices is here to see which one you may have:

Their newest Wi-Fi 6 router is known to cause issues with the Raspberry Pi not being detected at all on your network.

If you’re having issues with your Raspberry Pi ethernet connection not working at all, you’re unable to see the IP on your device list or SSH into your new Umbrel device, this could be the reason why.

Solution: a new router…

I know a lot of U.S. customers could experience this. I’ve confirmed with their reps you can go to a local store and exchange the router with a previous model in stock to resolve the issue so you don’t have to buy your own router to save some money.

Otherwise, I did buy a new router and my Raspberry Pi was detectable and umbrel.local loaded immediately.

Nearly every router will work when plugged into their new modems, you just have to reboot once by unplugging and replugging in the power cable on the modem then it will begin running as normal. Here is one example of a budget-friendly router that works on spectrum:

(I found that this is a part of a new trend for ISP-provided devices blocking access to advanced network settings and features and some only allowing you to access the settings on a mobile device in an attempt to make them fool-proof. Of course, buying your own network device gives you more control and may end up saving you from an equipment charge in the long run).

Hope that helps someone experiencing similar issues.

I would also like to recommend a few of what I find are the usual suspects too when troubleshooting as well that may help:

  • Plugging your SSD into the USB 3.0 blue port
  • Unplugging any other USB devices and connections when setting up for the first time
  • Trying a different ethernet cable in case one is faulty
  • If you are receiving full power to your Raspbery PI you should have a solid Red Light :red_circle:
  • If you have a solid Green Light :green_circle: this means your SD card is detected but not reading…
  • Re-flashing your SD card with Umbrel OS may help, securely attaching it, then your Green Light should flash :green_circle: :sparkles: to show it is successfully reading.

In case you missed it as well a link to a very helpful troubleshooting guide here on the forum: Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide