Insufficient Balance causing Failed Txs

I went on the LNDg app through my Umbrel Dashboard to try to better understand my node, and see my failed transactions to get further insight on WHY they failed.
Naturally, I want to be able to help with any transaction possible and resolve these reasons for failure.

I see I missed a lot of opportunities and the reason being INSUFFICIENT BALANCE.

How can I fix this?
Is this because I am only able to send 27m Sats, but can receive 37m Sats?
What is my solution?

Pay attention to this guide experiment

Hi @DarthCoin, I also observed the same insufficient balance issue on LNDg. It happens after both my channel mate and I mutually set at 0/0 fees on our 1MSats channel. When this occurs, there is no other routing activity on my node for the past two days.

My channel.db is 343MB.
I have set a max HTLC of 100K for this 1M channel
I checked my umbrel log. I think there is nothing that indicates an issue.

Will this issue recoverable by itself? Is there anything else for me to check?

Thanks for the hints in your blog. I forgot to check the balance for both channels.