HTLC Failure Temporary Channel Failure

Hi (still new to this)

I have noticed the below in Failed HTLCs

HTLC Failure - Temporary Channel Failure
Failure Detail - Insufficient Balance

It’s from a list in my LND Overview of Last 10 Failed HTLCs and they seem to occur every few minutes.

I’d appreciate it if someone could explain precisely what this means? Is it fro my end or from the In and Out Channel?

Thanks in advance.


Nothing to worry about.
Is a normal alert when a payment is routed through your node.

Adjust your max HTLC per channel, based on your available liquidity. In this case the payments that come onto your node, will know best on which channel should go and will not have failed routes.

You can also lower the max HTLC to a standard amount (depending on your peers habits to transact) and not hace to change it all the time.

This failure also could be because of your out peer do not have enough liquidity, so is not your fault (in special when it says temporary channel failure).

I explained these aspects in a guide about fee channels experiement.

Thanks again Darth,

I read your guide (thank you) and changed my fees to 0/0. But can’t seem to find where I add a value to HTLCs? I’m mostly using RTL to manage my node.

Although, this is listed on my Swap

Base Fee: 1000 mSAT (this is now 0)

Fee Rate: 2 mSAT (this is now 0)

Time Lock Delta: 40

Min HTLC: 1000

Max HTLC: 990000000

Status: Active

Updated: about 16 hours ago


Use Thunderhub, is more advanced in this stuff. RTL is good for others.
Don’t change to 0/0 just like that, first you need to study your peers, have more peers and adapt ypour fees accordingly. Only if a a peer really deserve to have 0/0 apply it.
Updates on channels are not imediatelly updated on LN explorers like LN+, Amboss, etc So don’t take those in consideration too much. Is about how your node is broadcasting through gossip your changes.

Thanks Darth,

This address (WalletofSatoshi) is one of my main peers. Could you recommend a fair fee (on average)

Appreciate your help.


I don’t understand your question and to what I have to look into this image?

I’m referring to fees that are set up for the peer. Wallet of Satoshi is moving a fair bit through my node, the screenshot shows that I’m charging 0(mSats).

So I have my fees setup as, Base Fees at 0, Fee rate (mSats) at 0 and Fee rate at 0.

I’m as per your article you discuss looking at the activity of peer and changing the fees accordingly. So, just picking your brain on a fair fee structure that yields a few sats for my node.

Hope this makes sense?


You can see what other nodes charge for WOS in Amboss , maybe that will inspire you to find the right fee for your node?

Thanks, much appreciated!