Installing umbrel on RPi4

New to umbrel so thanks in advance for any help. I’m trying to install an umbrel node on a Raspberry Pi 4. I am using:

  • 32 gb micro SD
  • Ethernet cable for internet
  • 1TB SSD
  • Official RPi4 charger

I got through setup ok – Balena etcher fully etched and validated Umbrel v5.3. However, I get “Server not found” when trying to access umbrel.local.

Downloaded AngryIP and do not see Umbrel anywhere but see two additional IPs that I tested and get the same error.

Red light is on on the RPi, and green light initially turns on but is now solidly off. Given no green light, does this mean I have an error with the SD card? HOw to further troubleshoot?


Hi. You may have a hardware issue. You need to test parts to find the problem.
Test the power supply, the external disk parts, the lan parts and the SD card part. Sometimes the Raspi can be defective, but that is rare.
First pass is to attach a monitor to hdmi output, and see if boot messages present.
The easier test procedure is to replace suspect parts or to test them in other good machines.
Performance tests of parts are more difficult, needs more knowledge.

Thanks! I just tested it again this time with all parts connected except the SD card. Now the green light is on and stays on. So, I assume this means the issue is the SD card? Is there a good way to test on my laptop if the software loaded correctly onto the SD?

Another thought - if I loaded umbrel software to the sd on a mac would that matter?