Umbrel will not boot!

I followed all the steps on “install now”. When I click the link in step #10:
Nothing happens! Browser says “Site cannot be reached”. Netscan does not show a new IP on my local net segment.

I followed the steps to flash MicroSD card using through balenaEtcher-Portable-1.7.9.exe. Prior to that, I formatted a 32GB MicroSD card using FAT32 before flashing SD card. Balena flashed and verified image OK.

Things of noteworthy:
#1 When powering up PI, red light on, green light flashes for about five seconds and stops on solid green, no more activity. I expected to see more activity.

#2 The LAN ports show both green and orange lights, but not of bit of data activity is seen. I have done a netscan, looking for the PI. PI not seen on my LAN segment.

This device is stopping dead in its tracks. I have no micro HDMI cable to see if I can notice any screen messages. But…the steps on the Umbrel site does not call for using a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It calls for access through a browser.

Anyone have any clues before I abandon Umbrel and try loading Linux with a monitor, keyboard and mouse in order to troubleshoot outside of Umbrel?

Hello @rwrider!
A steady green LED means that no boot code has ever been executed,
Can you count the number of times the raspberry pi green LED is blinking?
It may be due to a faulty mSD card or a faulty RaspberryPi :confused:

Thanks Marcaday for the suggestions to check blink codes. At first, there is a brief period, about half a second of random flashes. But, I can count 8 solid, longer flashes following until the green led goes solid. Information I looked up said this is due to a failure of SDRAM. This goes back to vendor. This Raspberry looks like it is original with all the Raspberry marking. However, I came in a plain, plastic bag. How does one get this from an official Raspberry vendor, in a Raspberry style box? This is what Amazon sent me.