Impervious Browser (Layer 3)

I’ve been hearing a bit about “layer 3”.
Supposedly launching in April. From their promotional material:
“Zoom, without Zoom.
Google Docs, without Google.
Medium, without Medium.
WhatsApp, without WhatsApp.
Payments, without banks.
Identity, without the state.”

Exciting but also seems very lofty. Wanted to see what people have heard / thoughts / if we’ll get a Impervious App.

Is a long run until will be a finished product. LN still have a lot to fix and improve so that L3 to be ready.
But yes, Impervious is a very promising project.

Looking forward to trying it out but not sure what to expect.

Just looking into their docs is an absolute fire, can’t wait to try their MVP but also try to implement and experiment with thier APIs

I like it so far but because it doesn’t yet support connecting to Tor address lightning node, can’t setup the Lightning stuff on it yet.