How do I get my BTC from umbrel?

The shit has hit the fan , my umbrel is dead and Im desperate to recover my funds …
How do I get my BTC from umbrel if I only have the 24 words and dont have access to the lightning channel backup ?

I put the words into blue wallet but the balance is not the balance it should be

Im shitting myself

Is my life savings gone !!!

What was your umbrel made of ? PI4?

It would maybe worth to bring it back alive. how did it died. what do you see

recently upgraded to pi5 , then with the latest umbrel update bitcoin onchain was not loading / syncing
i reflashed the sd card three times , using different cards also

So i just could not get umbrel running properly again …

How ?

you a scammer

Hey @ant1356. Sorry to hear that. Don’t worry, the Lightning Node app on umbrelOS makes encrypted cloud backups of your channel backup file. But as @champs pointed out, you’ll need to run an Umbrel again.

I suggest trying both Pi 4 and Pi 5 to run umbrelOS, with the goal of just getting Bitcoin node synced no matter what the underlying hardware is, and then going through the funds recovery using the Lightning Node app. Here’s a demo of how the Lightning node recovery will look like.