I can't withdraw my max BTC amount from the Umbrel Wallet

I see my balance of .05 BTC within my Umbrel BTC wallet but Umbrel won’t allow me to withdraw the max amount. It is only allowing me to withdraw .065 BTC.

I am receiving this error:
Lower amount or increase confirmation target.

The .05 BTC deposit was confirmed 8 days ago.

Could be related to the new feature in LND anchor output
I posted the issue here and could affect many other users soon.
You should not withdraw all the balance, being linked to that “reserve” until LND devs will fix in the new release 0.14

If you really want to empty your onchain wallet and you do not have more channels open, you can import your aezeed seed into Bluewallet or Sparrow wallet and from there send all your UTXOs to wherever you want / need.
I posted in this guide, the steps how to import your Umbrel onchain wallet into Sparrow.
But the easiest way is to use Bluewallet with your Umbrel seed.

Thank you. I don’t have any open channels if that channels if that changes anything.

If you do not have any channels open, then it should let you send them. Use BW or Sparrow or RTL, or Thunderhub app

I don’t need the funds, just wanted to move them to my cold card.

If I do nothing - it should resolve itself with the next update?

So why you run the node? You will not open LN channels?

I am still learning. I intend to open channels soon.

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I took a look at on-chain balance on RTL and it is telling me my .05 is not confirmed. Again this was confirmed 8 days ago.

Total Balance






So, something happen that your node wallet didn’t took that confirmation.
Maybe your electrum server is still indexing.
If you do not provide more details, we can’t help you.

I would be happy to provide more details. What information can should I provide?

I rebooted my umbrel and it resolved. Thank you for your time.

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