I can SSH and have debug results but cant log in via web umbrel.local - now what?

I appreciate there are many threads on here re SSH but all seem to end with a reflash of the sd card or reformat of the ssd in order to resolve the issues with no further explanation of resolving the web interface login.

I am not particularly technical but i have managed to SSH into umbrel and run debug which after a long list of replies states - the debug script did not automatically detect any issues with your umbrel.

can someone please point me in the direction of what i need to do next.
Many thanks

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I have attempted to use Angry IP scanner to find my nodes I.P. address but i am not having much joy. It may be that i need to search for specific parameters?

ran ~/umbrel/scripts/stop && sudo reboot and i can now login via umbrel.local again

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awesome congrats