I am the type of user you hate!

Hello everyone!

I’m afraid I fall into the category of “All the gear, no idea”.

I have Umbrel running, blockchain synced up a week ago

I have 6 active channels, all three days old:

Number 1 - 100k sats Send / 0 sats Receive
Number 2 - 100k sats Send / 0 sats Receive
Number 3 - 180k sats Send / 16000 sats Receive
Number 4 - 0 sats Send / 4,000,000 sats Receive
Number 5 - 0 sats Send / 4,000,000 sats Receive
Number 6 - 20k sats Send / 0 sats Receive

Full disclosure, I have approached channels like a kid with an Amazon gift card, just filling my cart with stuff up to the value of what I had to spend.

I have seen no routing through any of my channels.

i feel like I need to rebalance but should I be doing that so soon?

if anyone would like to toss me a bone as to what you would do (did) next in this position, it would be much appreciated.

Please start reading these:

Ny progress?

I’m going through the recommended posts, trying to understand it all.

Meanwhile I have cut a couple of channels.

I now have:

Channel 1 - Max Send 46,546 Sats / Max Receive 52,794 Sats
Channel 2 - 92,770 Sats / 7,230 Sats
Channel 3 - 15,194 Sats / 484,146 Sats
Channel 4 - 10,281 Sats / 189,059 Sats
Channel 5 - 1,146,592 Sats / 2,906,881 Sats
Channel 6 - 0 Sats / 4,053,803 Sats

All are set to 1000 mSat Base fee / 200 ml mSat

Haven’t had a sniff for over a week.


What is your puplic key? Maybe i can open a channel.

Very kind!


I just opened a channel to you. Especially at the beginning you need some remote balance. You can work with it now. If you have built up enough capacity, I would be happy about a rebalance from you. Here is my node:


Thank you! I will take a look at the rebalance tomorrow morning.

Thanks again.

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We do not hate you, we hate banksters and central banksters, but in the end we will forgive them.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: