How to sell bitcoin

I want to convert some bitcoin to pounds sterling. Does Umbrel (or the apps available on Umbrel) allow me to do this? Advice please!

No sir, here we are only HODLers… WE NEVER SELL back for worthless goat shit fiat.
Stacking sats is a DUTY. Dumping fiat is a must.


I know you’re trying to be funny, but fanatical responses like this only serve to alienate potential users. Any serious answers to this question?

A node is not an exchange… is just a node. If you want trading, go to an exchange and do whatever you want with your BTC.
But here we are discussing serious stuff about nodes and not selling shit.


There are a number of exchanges where you can exchange Bitcoin for fiat. Below is a list of exchanges offering pounds sterling (GBP). However it is cheaper, faster and more efficient to spend the Bitcoin directly (for both the payer and the receiver). If you want to buy fiat then only buy as much as you’re willing to lose.

If you really want to sell I would recommend a p2p exchange for better privacy