Report tax (I use

Hi, I use for my tax reports of my crypto. Anyone know how i import my holdings from my node?
Should i tag everything I sent to my nod as “Cost”?

An Api would be good :smiley:

Sorry, but for me this post looks like promoting a “crypto shit tax” software.
I am not interested into this shit.
Bitcoin is NOT about paying taxes. There’s NO such thing as “crypto tax”.

I´m not trying to promote or shill anything. Just asking a question for my upcoming tax report how i should tag the “missing” assets from my wallets that now are “in” my node.

That is not Umbrel related. Bitcoin is not related in any way with taxes.

I think some countries disagrees :joy:

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It’s your personal problem, not Bitcoin, not Umbrel.

In Switzerland you have to pay Property tax on Bitcoin (taking last day of year).
In Germany you have to pay (and declare) Income Tax, if not holding for 1 year.

Use “import file” and give a CSV-File like:

Koinly Date,Amount,Currency,Label,TxHash
2001-01-01 10:00 UTC,1000,BTC, ,

+1000 deposits 1000 BTC :wink: (use -1000 for withdraw)

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Darth, this implies to me that you are fully on the Bitcoin standard. Those in charge of our monetary system are criminals and don’t deserve a single sat from us, but the consequences of ignoring tax reporting if you’re paid in fiat and/or are paying a mortgage in fiat can be huge. My procedure here is to report any on-chain spends (public ledger that it is) and let the fuckers try to chase me down for any lightning spends. Thoughts?

Taxes are paid by citizens, NPC, entitites that WANT to pay taxes. And slaves.
If you study more you will see that taxes are paid ONLY with your own consent.
Smart sovereign individuals (not shitizens) don’t accept/consent to be robbed.
Now is up to you what you want.
Ask yourself: if they can print endless fiat money, why would continue paying taxes? The answer is simple: because you consent. I do not.

And again, Umbrel have absolutely nothing to do with your desire to pay or not taxes.
Umbrel is just a Bitcoin/LN node, no tax, no accounting, no gov, no fiat, no nothing else, ONLY Bitcoin.

Do you have any resources (books, websites, etc) to explain this further? Much has changed in my though process since buying bitcoin, but I still have a lot of programming to undo.