How to proceed with bitcoin..?

I’m kind of scared to update my Umbrel. I’ve already lost a couple hundred with LNbits demo server getting hacked, about $250 locked up in a Blue Wallet lightning wallet when they stopped use of LNDhub, and another couple hundred in a channel that was trying to force close but never did on my Umbel. Shit, I might as well give the rest of my BTC to Sam Bankman Freid at this point!

Having said that, when will bitcoin be a viable option to preserve wealth for people who don’t want to dedicate their lives to troubleshooting programs with the help of online forums and chat gpt? I started a node for the security and privacy of self custody wallets. Everything works great and then all of a sudden it doesn’t.

I tried downloading the .backup file for my channels and they wouldn’t even save to my computer; never had that happen before. Half of my channels are offline because of node operators being caught in the limbo of updating to 1.0 on Debian or Ubuntu.

So what should I do? Close what channels I can and sweep all funds to a trusty paper wallet? Proceed with Umbrel 1.0 and hope for the best? Cheer from the sidelines until the end user can operate a node without needing a PhD in computer science?

What’s the success rate of upgrading to 1.0 on a Rasberry Pi?