How to install Umbrel on Raspberry Pi 5

If you have a Raspberry pi 5 and want to test Umbrel but don’t want to wait for the official release to support RP5, you can install it like this:

1.Install Raspberry pi os lite 64 bit (no desktop) - optional (configure ssh and user/pass via Rasberry pi Imager)

  1. SSH to your Raspberry Pi (or just connect it to a monitor and use a keyboard).
  2. Install Umbrel via:
    curl -L | bash
    after it finished installing you will get the IP address.

Please note:

  1. If you want to install Umbrel on an external device either change the path via:
    curl -L | bash -s -- --install-path /some/path
    or install the whole OS on an external drive and boot from it.

  2. If the main OS is hosted on your SD Cart, you may need to change the default docker path to the external drive in order to prevent container images fill up your sd cart:

sudo systemctl stop docker
sudo mv /var/lib/docker /home/pi/docker
sudo ln -s /home/pidocker /var/lib/docker

run this command (or use nano):
sudo vi /etc/docker/daemon.json

add these lines:

  "data-root": "/newfullpath/"

restart docker:

sudo systemctl start docker


Hi there,
I did install umbrel on my pi 5 using ssh with the curl -L command | bash but I’m not a linux novice.
Indeed bitcoin core is installed on the sd card and not on my ssd connected to a usb 3 port.
Can you tell me the exact commands to enter to solve this problem.

In that case, I would suggest you to install everything directly on the SSD and boot from it (don’t need a sd card at all).
That would be much easier.

That happened to me as well. Putting everything on ssd solved my problem with my pi5.

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Hi, first day umbrel user here.
I just installed whole thing to SSD .
Im capable to follow your tutorial and install to SD and apps only to SSD , but I dont know which solution is better. Is it worth ?

What are pros and cons of having OS on SDcard ? isnt it slower?

I didn’t have any luck installing everything on the external ssd. When trying to install Umbrel on it, after completing the previous steps and ssh into it, the installation stalled and gave many errors.

It’s been how many months since the pi 5 was released and still Umbrel doesn’t have their hands on one… exasperating.

Have you installed the RPi Lite OS on SSD as well?
If not just ignore SD card, install the OS on the SSD.

You can easily migrate everything to whenever they started supporting RPi5.

Isolating data and OS can make it easier to backup data, update and restore in case of problem with the base OS.

I don’t think there is any gain in performance by separating data and OS.

Yes I had installed RPi Lite OS on the SSD as well. It’s strange because when I installed it the first time on a SD card I was able to install Umbrel.

Thanks for your reply

You can share the error maybe we can help. I didn’t have any problem with running everything on SSD.

This is a screenshot of the terminal window. If you have a solution please be detailed since I’m new to linux.

This is a permission problem, I’ve seen this but mostly when people want to mount an external device manually.
I would just redo the OS installation and start over since doing that may actually take less time.

I flashed the SSD again and this time I plugged it into a different port on the back of the pi and everything works.
I think the secondary ports are slower USB transfer speeds but as long as it works.
Thanks for your help.