How to HTTPS to umbrel from whole world

I just installed Umbrel on my Ubuntu 20.04 oracle cloud virtual machine. Now I installed Nextcloud inside umbrel. But Nextcloud requires you to have SSL or https to access it. How to I achieve it. I am new to Docker and containers so I do not know how they work . But where is nginx server I can not find its config files in /etc/nginx. I do not want to use TOR network. So please tell me how do I enable https for umbrel and its apps.

Can you explain how did you manage to do it on Oracle? I can’t seem to get to the UI screen via the public IPv4 address. As an idea for you use Cloudflare for HTTPS (route all traffic via Cloudflare).

I forgot to do the networking stuff :man_facepalming:

Also for HTTPS you need a domain name AFAIK