Nextcloud HTTPS SSL certificate

I have managed to successfully link my nextcloud server in umbrel to my domain and can access it through http. Nextcloud seems to be working great and can access it on and off of my network using my laptop and phone. However, I am unsure how to set up an ssl certificate to make the connection a secure https connection. I can’t find any documentation on how to do this with a nextcloud install as an umbrel app. Can some one help me figure it out.?

There is a solution floating about for a similar issue to yours for SSL HTTPS for BTCPay NGINX…
I forget where its exactly? but a quick search should discover a great walkthrough of the processes you will need to follow along with to apply to Nextcloud (With a few tweaks)

There are other solutions to this type of topic in general:
This may be helpful (as a guide) Umbrel has all the bins so you do this except use umbrel’’ already installed toolkit kind of deal.

Thanks for the links. I have read through the steps, as a novice, and am still having trouble figuring it out.

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