Enable HTTPS on Nextcloud

Hello community.

I’m trying to expose Nextcloud via HTTPS to the internet so I can access it from my mobile and the Windows app in a secure manner. But so far, all I got was blood sweat and tears.

So far, I’ve tried this in Github and this in Nextcloud docs with Z E R O success.

Is there an easy way/wiki/tutorial on configuring HTTPS on Nextcloud?

Thanks in advance

I’ll ping @louneskmt on this - I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this right now since everything is routed over tor, but I personally haven’t tried it yet.

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Thanks @jonsyu.

Is it possible to connect both the Android and Windows apps through Tor? Or in a secure manner out of the box?

Or currently Nextcloud is only secure on the internet consuming the web app via Tor?

Ok, I got it.

Solution: Add two new environment variables to the “~/umbrel/apps/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml” file:

  • TRUSTED_PROXIES= umbrel ip address(in my case)

Details: https://github.com/docker-library/docs/blob/master/nextcloud/README.md#using-the-apache-image-behind-a-reverse-proxy-and-auto-configure-server-host-and-protocol

@kerumirembora I added both lines to “~/umbrel/apps/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml” file, with no luck.
Still no https on nextcloud.
That is the only thing I need to do? If the case is not, could you please explain how u got it working step by step (sorry am a noob).

Are you able to access it locally on your own LAN over HTTPS? Do you already have SSL certs loaded?

No to both.

Could somebody write a step by step guide on how to enable HTTPS on Nextcloud please?
I tried following what this post says, but I can’t seem to get it working.


Hello! I’m also looking for a solution to this.
Does anyone have step by steps?

Another new user, looking for simple plain english steps.
Fresh install of Umbrel & Nextcloud, working fine.
Own domain, routed & working fine.
Only http.
Want https.
Any pointers? Looked in the rest of this forum, but unfortunately no one seems to provide a decent guide for newbies.
Thanks in advance.

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I second these we please need a step by step guide yall. Is there any security risk apart from MAn in the middle attack with using HTTP?

how did you access “~/umbrel/apps/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml” file ? Like where is that in Umbrel?

Same here. using umbrel to manage my nextcloud is not any use if i cant enable https with my new server…

Maybe you can have a safe route using cloudflare tunnels

I resigned looking for https problem since almost 2 years ago. At last i gave a suggestion that you can use today. It wasnt my intention to use big techs but its better than nothing in my opinion. Cheers.

really bad that https does not work. therefore impossible to properly use btcpay and nextcloud.