How to efficiently report an issue


This topic will explain how to report an issue efficiently, so we can help you as fast and easily as possible.

Remember: the more clear you describe the issue you’re facing, the easier it will be for us to help you.

What do do before opening a new topic?

Before opening a new topic, please check the existing resolved topics by searching with appropriate keywords.

If you cannot access your Umbrel Dashboard, please do not try to restart it by unplugging and plugging in your Raspberry Pi, as it can lead to data corruption and make the issue worse.

How to report an issue efficiently

Set the context, including for example the following details:

  • On what device / OS you are running Umbrel (Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu Desktop/Laptop)
  • How is your Umbrel connected to the Internet (Ethernet, WiFi)
  • What type of drive you are using (HDD, SSD)
  • Anything else you think can be relevant…

Next, please write a summary explaining the issue and, if applicable, the steps to reproduce. If you have already tried to solve it, tell us how.

And finally, to help us understand your issue you can provide us with a copy of your Umbrel’s logs. You can download your logs by going to “Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Start”. Once the logs have loaded click “Download Umbrel Logs”. You can send your logs in a message to the staff group.

Please use the official power supply.
Gebruik de officiële stroomvoorziening.
الرجاء استخدام مصدر الطاقة الرسمي.
Merci d’utiliser l’alimentation officielle.
Bitte verwende das offizielle Netzteil
Si prega di utilizzare l’alimentatore ufficiale.
Utilice la fuente de alimentación oficial.
Используйте официальный источник питания.