How seed words are generated? Strange


I have 6 installs of Umbrel. All 6 sets of seed words are beginning with Ab… for the first letter of the first word and 2 first words are just identical (the rest of 2-24 are different).

Set 1:
Word 1: Absent

Set 2:
Word 1: About

Set 3:
Word 1: About

Set 4:
Word 1: Absorb

Set 5:
Word 1: Absorb

Set 6:
Word 1: Able

Here is a complete seed list.

If you look closely at the words, there are no first four letters in common. Having the first 2 the same is common.

I don’t know in details, but each word is a unique 11 bits number, so there are 2048 words.
And the wallet key is a 256 bits number, so 24 words = 24 x 11bits = 264 bits, being 256 bits key and some 8 bits checking number.
So the 24 words is your final secret wallet number, they are not seeds to generate anything.
So letters in words don’t make any diference, only the whole word cares.

If you type a wrong spelling word out of the 2048 words trying to recover a wallet, Umbrel will not accept anything, it will generate a new different key to your wallet.

Yes, but it is strange that the first word is always, in my case, starting with the A letter.
From all 2048 possible words why only A as first letter.

I have seen multiple seeds generation and never something like that.

Check your seed and see if you have the first word with A.

I don’t see anything strange. I would think strange a key with 24 equal words for example.