How do you secure your home network/passwords?

Since you all are presumably holding a good deal of sensitive information on your devices/node(s) I just wanted to see what methods you are using to secure your…

-router / home network (LAN)
-passwords (encrypted storage apps?)
-wallets / multisig setup / cold wallets
-step 4: profit???

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I’ll start this thread off with some of what I’ve done or plan to do:

I updated my router password to a generated one, and I put all my human-interface devices (comp, phone, node) on the 5ghz band while putting all the rest of my IoT devices and PS4 on the 2.4ghz band… and use that one for guests as well.

I used the password-storage app KeePass ( but now switching to Bitwarden (

I got a ColdCard ( and am in the process of learning multisig setup, with the goal of being a 2 of 3 wallet

@cam.btc I’ve been thinking of switching as well and segregating my network by using vlans. Just wondering if you see http vs https as a concern?

I don’t think that’s a concern because it’s just on your local network, not the world-wide internet. You could get a router that supports VPN and get a VPN service, which would encrypt outbound traffic.

Is the secure https vs unsecure http dependent on the local network router and not umbrel’s nginx? I would love to be able to switch this for ease of connecting using my existing browser settings.

As for additional tips on small one is use firefox with multi-account containers plugin or at least private browsing. Multi-account containers will allow you to segregate umbrel at the browser-level. You can also add in ublock origin and bleachbit to block and erase browsing in secure manner.