How do I stop Umbrel from asking for my password with some apps?

For example, when I open Immich on my browser, it asks me for my Umbrel password, and that’s not a problem for me, but my parents are also using Immich on their mobile devices and they would like to use the web interface too.

I don’t want to give them the password because I prefer keeping it to myself.

I already tried disabling it by editing the docker-compose.yml file inside umbrelroot/app-data/immich/
but it didn’t work.

I kept looking for a way but couldn’t figure it out. Can someone tell me if it’s actually possible to disable this feature? And if yes, how?

Man I love reciving help. Damn

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Man, stay relaxed.
It’s Easter, you think the world only revolves around your little problem because of a password request?
Right now?
Remember, this is a community, not Big Tech support.

Happy Easter.

Yesterday was not easter…
Edit: I actually posted it on 29th so

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I was able to make it work editing the dockingcompose file but not the same app.
. :confused: