How to remove password from metube

I have practically zero docker compose skills but for some reason I thought chainging things like passwords was simple.

My family doesnt want to type in nor do they need my complicated umbrel main password to use the metube downloader.

I have tried commenting out the following in the.


#defaultUsername: ""
#defaultPassword: ""

Restarting the container and that changes nothing
Ive tried adding a simple password in the β€œβ€ that changes nothing.

I would like to have access like with the mempool. It doesnt as for any authorization.
At least in network this would be great.

I do not have any open ports so outside coming in wouldnt be an issue I wouldnt think.

in the docker compose file ~/umbrel/app-data/metube/

sudo nano docker-compose.yml

add PROXY_AUTH_ADD: β€œfalse”

version: "3.7"

      APP_HOST: metube_metube_1
      APP_PORT: 8081
      PROXY_AUTH_ADD: "false"`

restart metube

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