How can I config IMMICH in my UMBREL

I don’t know how I create my server address to log in my ANDROID

I believe you may need to create an API key here to enable the Immich API (you won’t need the key).

give it 5-minutes and then you can use

http://umbrel.local:2283/api (here I put the key?)

I put that today and the answer is “server not found”


And that will be only a local server right?

Apologies for the confusion- just http://umbrel.local:2283/api is needed here.

Yes that will be local only, but you can download Tailscale from the app-store and then access your instance from anywhere on your devices via tunnelling.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for your help !
The only detail I have to add is that the address was

Now I’m going to learn how to configure Tailscale to be able to access my Umbrel from outside.
Thank you very much again!

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FYI when you use tailscale, it will be a different IP address for Immich outside of home! but you should be able to use umbel.local just fine

Yes, I changed the local IP to the Tailscale IP and it worked perfectly!

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