Haven't logged into Blue Wallet in a while, Help!

Hi everyone,

I just opened my Blue Wallet and have some funds stuck behind a lightning network wallet there. It won’t let me change the connection string to something else it’s stuck on the “https://lndhub.herokuapp.com” and it won’t do transactions… I have my money stuck!

I’ve update the phone, I’ve updated the app, I’m still stuck, since this is a forum I found other comments about Blue Wallet, maybe someone can help?

Hi @bwuser

Is this using the lightning node on Umbrel at all?

I assume you have written down your seed phrase for these funds.
You can try to recover with https://blixtwallet.github.io/ if this is not related to Umbrel, or if you can set up Umbrel (Umbrel.com), you use our lightning node app and restore with your seed phrase there.