Hard Disk full from bitcoin node, linux crashed. Help!

I previously accidently sync’d my bitcoin node to my hardisk with insufficient space (How to stop Bitcoin core sync mid-sync). I didn’t know how to stop it so I just let it run. It crashed and now I can’t even switch on my computer. When I try to boot up ubuntu this is the error message


Have you arranged for a larger disk for the bitcoin data directory?

Many of the operating system’s core applications require disk space to store cache/logs/configs so when there is no space left they will refuse to run.

If you want to save the data you have already, you’ll need to boot from some removable media(like the ubuntu installation disk) and move/delete the bitcoin data directory. This can be technically difficult if you’re not used to linux.

Thanks for the reply @fargonaz . yes, I’m super new to this. I think I might just reinstall ubuntu, delete all the data, and start over with the sync, but make sure I do it on the external SSD. Do you think this is the better solution?

One thing that I had difficulty with is that my ubuntu computer doesn’t seem to locate my brand-new crucial SSD. Any suggestions?

It depends on the time you have to ‘experiment.’
It may be easier/quicker to re-install ubuntu.

Good luck!