Guide: How to boot Umbrel in rpi4 from SSD (avoiding microSD problems)

Hi There,

I am @PeterMcBTC and I want to share with you how I set up Umbrel in Raspberry Pi 4 using only an SSD, avoiding the slow and not reliable microSD. This guide is based in

-download and install Raspberry Pi Imager (
-select “Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit)” as OS and your ssd as your drive
-open advances options and set hostname, ssh (username + password), and wifi (option)
-write the drive with the new configuration.
-Attach the written drive and the power supply to the rpi4
-Wait 5 mins until debian is installed (you will see whats going on attaching a hdmi cable to your tv from the rpi4)
-ping your rpi, it will show you something like 192.168.0.XX
-ssh from your computer to the rpi4, doing “ssh NAMEDEVICE@192.168.0.XX”
-upgrade the packages: write “sudo apt update”, “sudo apt full-upgrade” and “sudo apt install git --install-recommends”
-create data directory: “sudo mkdir /data” and “sudo chown admin:admin /data”
-increase swap file:
“sudo nano /etc/dphys-swapfile”
#comment “#CONF_SWAPSIZE=100” to not apply this limitation , do control+o to write the new
changes, do control+x to exit
“sudo dphys-swapfile install” and “sudo systemctl restart dphys-swapfile.service”
-now the best part, to install umbrel: “curl -L | bash”

I hope this guide helps you.
Just say hello in twitter and tell me if it worked! @PeterMcBTC

So, it’s not running Umbrel from ssd, it’s running a normal Debian from SSD and then running Umbrel off the docker image. Thanks anyway, just looks a little bit too complicated :slight_smile:

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