Getting an app to talk to my bitcoin node

Right now I have an app running in a container that wants to make use of my bitcoin node running on the same machine (my umbrel). Looking at the docker containers, I see a lot of bitcoin-like containers but not sure which one I should direct my app to

My guess is the bitcoind one, but would love a clear explanation of how all of these work together.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you will likely use bitcoin_bitcoind_1, may I ask what app it is?

Generally, you’ll be able to use a RPC or P2P local connection to talk between the two- I’d be curious to look at their documentation.

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Perfect thanks! I am working on getting caravan stateless multsig coordinator running.
I am bit new to setting this up, so I apologize if the code is a bit messy, its been a lot of guessing and checking until I got it running. But so far I did get caravan running, just on connecting my node now. Caravan’s documentation is written primarily for users building on local dev, so trying to translate it to containers has been my biggest hurdle.
My forked community app store:


And also yes I intend to have it connect to my node via RPC credentials, but bitcoind has an issue with CORS headers, so caravan uses an implementation that sends the request to a nginx proxy server first that strips the CORS headers before contacting the node.
(This is at least my understanding)

Update, small bug in caravan’s react redux. Opened an issue and gonna investigate a fix tonight. :+1: