Bitcoin App Proxy stuck always `Starting...`

Strange one.

Bitcoind container is up and running, so is bitcoin_app_proxy on port 2100.


Blockchain is fully synced, mempool explorer works.

However cannot get a response from the Bitcoin app proxy on umbrel.local:2100 , which results in dashboard constantly showing the App as Starting...


Log for the app proxy shows:
Error wating for port: "connect EHOSTUNREACH" Retrying...

Any ideas?

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I have the same situation. I hope somebody answer.

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Same problem here.

I just upgraded my server from lubuntu 22.10 to 23.04, restarted and have the same problem. bitcoin core and Electrs server “starting”, and I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when connecting to http://umbrel.local:2100/

Lightning node is working, so apparently bitcoin is being synced?

My CPU is stuck at 100% since I upgraded, and bitcoind is the most used process…

Did anyone solve this? Should I delete peers.dat?

Thanks for any help.