Failed to start containers help closing channels

Is a couple of days that my node with channels wasn’t working
i was out of home and it was impossible reach it via remote till today
i’ ve phisically rebooted, and via browser umbrel.local i have Error: Failed to start containers

i did a debug via ssh and flashed a new sd, unluckly the new sd i didn’t fixed the problem

i saw that sometimes is hard to fix this problem and my channels aren’t routing at all,
so for me is also ok just close the channels and make a brand new node

Thank you

Have you tried the following steps?

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yes but i’ve got the same problem

if it can be useful for you this problem happened after a period of 1/2 days of line down

and this was the configuration:

Umbrel version


Flashed OS version


Raspberry Pi Model

Revision : d03115
Serial : 10000000d01db5c9
Model : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5


May 9 2023 12:16:34
Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom
version 30aa0d70ab280427ba04ebc718c81d4350b9d394 (clean) (release) (start)





Memory usage

          total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available

Mem: 7.8G 110M 7.1G 8.0M 570M 7.6G
Swap: 4.1G 0B 4.1G