Expose Matrix Server via Nginx reverse proxy

I had problems connecting to my Umbrel Matrix Server outside of my home LAN.
So I setup a reverse proxy on another raspberry pi to forward umbrel.local:8008 to a url e.g., matrix.my-umbrel.com. I can now setup any client using the url.
I am new to Matrix and was wondering if there are any serious security issues that I am running into with this setup? I also noticed that my client uses my Umbrel’s tor address after me setting it up instead of my domain name. So my ID is @name:TOR_Address instead of @name:MY_URL. Anybody know why that is?

But the whole point of using Matrix is to stay behind a onion address.
Makes no sense to be on clearnet and use a privacy tool.
You guys makes me wonder if you really understand what is privacy…

Not sure I can follow you. Why wouldn’t you want to use a fully encrypted system on clearnet? How is this a privacy concern in your opinion?

Happy to use it purely on Tor but as many other have reported it just ain’t working with the clients… :wink: