Errors on First Start Up

I turn on the RPi, it goes through loads of lines, then gets stuck at “umbrel login:” for a while, I can’t type in anything at this point, it’s like the keyboard hasn’t been recognized yet. Then after a few minutes it says: “failed to start umbrel startup service” and it keeps trying it ad infinitum.

I followed the steps laid out by Umbrel EXACTLY. I wonder what’s going on?

Ok, I assume you have tried reflashing the SD card as per this guide? Resolving “Error: System service failed”

Otherwise, can you please SSH into your node, and try generate troubleshooting logs to paste in this thread. That will help troubleshoot the issue further

Thanks for getting back to me, I’m just getting around to messing with this again. I’ve reflashed it and it’s stuck after “couldn’t get connection details” on “daily apt upgrades and clean activities”. Sometimes it gets stuck at the couldn’t get connection details too.


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It says command not found when I type that into the terminal. I think the problem is that somehow I’m using the NOOBs operating system and not umbrel or whatever os that’s supposed to be on. I’m clearly also a noob. Thanks

All good! So you shouldn’t need to interact with the Pi directly, you can do all of this from another device.

If you have another laptop/computer nearby, can you please follow these instructions.

then we will generate some troubleshooting logs with this command

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

then please paste this logs in this thread.